Whaddya mean my plane’s engine is leaking?

We were about to leave the gate at Charlotte International Airport after a great Thanksgiving with family. We were all settled in our seats, buckled up, overhead luggage bins slammed shut, devices stowed away in airplane mode, all that. There was not a seat to spare when the pilot’s calm voice crackles over the loudspeaker, “Welcome aboard! We are checking one of our engines, and we should be cleared to go in a few minutes.”

A few minutes later he comes back on the speaker to say that they are still checking the engine, need to run a few more tests, and we will be taking off in about 15 minutes. So sorry for the delay.

Fifteen minutes later, the now contrite captain comes back on the speaker to tell us that the culprit engine is leaking badly and that this airplane will not be taking off anytime soon. “Please gather your belongings and disembark the aircraft. The flight crew will apprise you of the next steps at the gate.”

The media loves to show videos of passengers having mid-flight fistfights and shoving matches. I have even seen footage of unruly passengers being tackled and bound with duct tape, which apparently flight crews are permitted to do. So, I was highly surprised to not hear a single groan of frustration or wail of anger from my fellow passengers when hearing the news about our leaky engine. Everyone just stood up and patiently waited their turn to walk back up the jetway we had just walked down.

When we piled out of the gate, there was indeed a smartly dressed steward pointing where we should go while repeating a gate number over and over, “B10. B10. B10. Hurry, they are about to board you now!”

Deja vous!

We dragged our carry-ons back all the way back to gate B10 and sure enough, our destination and flight number were up on the board with calm airline staff just waiting for us to arrive. 

Turns out it was the same crew, same kind of plane, same ticket, and of course us, the same passengers. We were soon onboard sitting next to the same people as the first plane. Seamless.

When it comes to flying, it’s really important to go with an airline that knows what they’re doing. You probably want to pick one that has at least a few flights back and forth. In general, you want to know that the pilots they hire have extensive experience, so you know you will arrive safely.

It’s really the same for any service business. As a customer, it’s pretty much impossible to know EXACTLY what you’re going to get. However, if you choose a service business with a ton of experience and a slew of happy customers, you can dramatically increase the likelihood that you will end up happy with your choice.

When experience matters, go with it!

Hiring a website design firm is a great example. If you are the one evaluating the options, you probably want an experienced firm that immediately asks the right questions and picks up on what you want to accomplish. You want them to inspire confidence that they can do what you need them to do. 

If you hire someone without the right experience, how could you possibly have confidence in their work or know for sure they are making the best decisions for you. Even if you truly believe someone has your best interest at heart, without that crucial experience, there is no track record to know you will land safely on the other side.

In web design, the process is riddled with turbulence. You can’t overlook the technical elements of optimizing a website for search engines and mobile phones or ensuring they can troubleshoot a problem quickly because they’ve seen it all before. You can’t look to them for advice on the best use of a call-to-action, or how the use of different colors may affect your visitors.

It would not be fair to expect someone without vast amounts of experience to be able to provide all of this to you. 

Modesty aside, we’ve built a few websites in our day. We have experience working with all types of companies in every industry you can think of. What’s more, we can recognize the nuances of your business because we actually care to understand what makes you different.

And speaking of differences, we don’t put you on autopilot once your website is launched. We’re here to help you maintain it and make sure it stays relevant to your business. If there’s ever a problem, our crew is available to fix it quickly and get you wheels-up again.

We know what it takes to produce a gorgeous, strategic, secure, mobile-friendly website that speaks to your customer because we’ve built over 300 of them already!

So, if your business is not quite at cruising altitude, schedule a free consultation today! Chroma Sites will have you flying high with a strategic, new website in no time.