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Whaddya mean my plane’s engine is leaking?

We were about to leave the gate at Charlotte International Airport after a great Thanksgiving with family. We were all settled in our seats, buckled up, overhead luggage bins slammed shut, devices stowed away in airplane mode, all that. There was not a seat to spare when the pilot’s calm voice crackles over the loudspeaker,

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Google, Amazon, & Chroma Sites enter the home improvement market

4 Website Launches Meet the Demand of Growing Trade Businesses This past year, Chroma Sites launched a new batch of home improvement websites for some very successful home improvement firms. These companies represent a small, but important, segment of the huge residential home improvement industry. We are proud to feature them in our portfolio. With the likes

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Now Serving Restaurant Websites

Order up! Now serving restaurant websites

Today, everything about a restaurant has to be perfect — from the moment someone lands on the web page until the moment they tip the wait staff. Restaurateurs realize that while their food must be wondrous, their brand must be also. Most restaurants do have websites, but so many of them are sad and neglected because of the time and expense

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Find the Perfect Website Design Estimate

How to Find the Perfect Website Design Estimate

Finding the right company to build your business website can be challenging, to say the least. There’s so much to consider… and price is just a sliver of the overall website design estimate. Choosing the right web designer upfront can save you months of frustration and delays. Here are some tips to help you do just that…

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