Author: Catherine Stone

Whaddya mean my plane’s engine is leaking?

We were about to leave the gate at Charlotte International Airport after a great Thanksgiving with family. We were all settled in our seats, buckled up, overhead luggage bins slammed shut, devices stowed away in airplane mode, all that. There was not a seat to spare when the pilot’s calm voice crackles over the loudspeaker,

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How to quack like a genius.

It was the early eighties when I left California for a new job in The Big Apple. Henry Wolf, a world-famous photographer from Vienna, had just renovated a dilapidated, east side carriage-house into a state of the art photo studio. I was going to be one of his workhorse workaholics. I loved my new job

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10 ways to improve your website promotion strategy

Think About a Visitor Conversion Website visitors don’t mean much if they don’t convert to actionable leads before they leave. Figure out what needs to be accomplished to improve your website promotion and how to make it happen. Revisit this game plan every few months, fine-tuning the approach to maximize results. Blog Post Creation &

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