Why You Really Need a Responsive Website Design Company

you really need a responsive website design company

The idea of mobile responsive design is still relatively new, but to your customers, mobile websites are more important now than they’ve ever been. In fact, nearly one quarter of all U.S. mobile users ONLY browse the web from their phone or tablet (1).

Think about it… this means if your website isn’t mobile friendly, you’re basically putting up a “Closed for Renovations” sign to all those people.

“Come on, it’s not that bad… is it?”

Oh but it is… your visitors need a website that they can browse and read easily on their phone. Consider, for example, that 57% of smartphone users WILL NOT recommend companies with bad mobile websites (2).

The status quo for mobile websites is evolving at an incredible pace. Companies like Facebook and Google have shown us how much easier it is to navigate mobile version websites on mobile phones. What’s more, they’ve conditioned us to expect all websites to be just as speedy and work just as well.

Why Responsive?

Ok, mobile layouts are important (you probably get that by now), but why do you need a RESPONSIVE mobile layout?

The answer to that can be summed up with another stat: Your website will be viewed on dozens of different size screens, and no single screen size accounts for more than 20% of all web browsing. A responsive website design company will be able to transform your website and tailor it to fit a variety of different devices. The result is an easy to maintain website, that looks great and adapts effortlessly with every new page you create and every blog post you publish.

So when it’s time to build your next company website, make sure you focus your search to responsive website design companies.

Here are a few more mobile fun facts for your enjoyment:

  • According to the data compiled by the Mobile Marketing Association of Asia, over 5 billion people own a cell phone, whereas only 4 billion own a toothbrush (4).
  • 91% of those people keep their mobile devices in close proximity, 24 x 7 x 365 (4).
  • 75% of Americans admit to bringing their phone to the bathroom (5).
  • About 50% of mobile shoppers believe they are better informed than store associates (5).

Do You Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

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