WordPress is simply the best website content management system out there

Powered by WordPress the most user friendly CMS

Why do we use WordPress?

It’s the foundation for more websites than any other system and it’s made our customers really, really happy.

Simplicity – Easy-to-use writing tools make editing pages, creating blog posts and adding photos a breeze. The content management area is intuitive and easy to navigate. Everything you need is just a click or two away.

Flexibility – Hundreds and thousands of features (most of which you will never see) are built-in, allowing the creation of any kind of site imaginable. From the basics, to blogs to e-commerce, and everything in between.

Optimization – Search engines ask a lot from websites, and WordPress delivers. In fact, the head honcho of webspam over at Google says WordPress takes care of 80-90% of the mechanics of SEO for you.

Community – As an open-source project, thousands of software developers make WordPress better everyday. From security and bug fixes, to plugin and theme design, an unmatched developer community means you get the most modern, stable and secure website you can get.

Development of WordPress Themes

Every website we build comes with a fully functional mobile version.
Built on Bootstrap

We use responsive design to adapt your website to the screen that it’s being viewed on. There are a number of framework solutions that help do this, but none are more successful, stable or actively developed than Bootstrap.

Originally created by a designer and developer at Twitter, Bootstrap seamlessly scales your website from phones to tablets to desktops, through standard CSS based techniques.

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Connected to Social Media

A website without social media, is like a car without wheels.

Social sharing on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ is what keeps people engaged and coming back for more. What’s more, many people now use social media as their preferred method of communication with the companies and the brands they love.

With each page and blog post you publish, your website will automatically create Like, Tweet and Share buttons, making it easy for your best promoters to help spread the word. For those who want even more social media integration, there are a whole bunch of other social plugins available that will bring your website to life.

Comments are a Discussion About You

Used on sites like CNN, Bloomberg, Politico and Complex, Disqus is the web’s most powerful comment system.
Disqus Comments with social media integration

Encouraging your visitors to comment on and discuss your content, can help you build a community of active readers that come back again and again.

  • Way beyond just comments…
  • Login with Facebook, Twitter, Google or Disqus accounts
  • 100% realtime discussions
  • Beautiful mobile responsive layouts
  • Email notifications to keep people engaged
  • Rich media comments including images and video

Learn more at Disqus.com

Tracked with Google Analytics

Make educated decisions about how to get more visitors, what your readers want to know and how to convert more people into real leads.
Google Analytics Screenshot Example

It’s never been easier to find actionable insights about how your website is performing and how it can be improved. Google Analytics is the world’s most popular website analytics software. It’s simple enough for those who just need the basics and powerful enough for those who want a more comprehensive understanding of their visitor base.

What can you learn with Google Analytics?

  • Track media promotions and watch visitors arrive in realtime
  • Segment your visitors by geography, device type and where they come from
  • Learn how visitors navigate your website, which pages they like the most and where they go from there
  • Determine where and why your visitors leave so you can keep them there in the future
  • Compare landing pages conversion rates to determine which ones work best
  • Configure specific campaigns to find out how your marketing efforts are performing

Learn more about Google Analytics

Hosted on the Cloud…

Speedy websites make for happy customers.
Fast, Quality Website Hosting

We utilize the best, most modern cloud technology in the business to keep hosting as simple and painless as possible.

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