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open for small business during COVID-19

COVID-19: Small business is #notcancelled

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted all of us in ways we never imagined. This crisis not only impacts our personal lives, but extends to our businesses, too. As small businesses, we are facing unique challenges that we never anticipated, not even 2 weeks ago. The way we do business with ourselves and each other has

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10 ways to improve your website promotion strategy

Think About a Visitor Conversion Website visitors don’t mean much if they don’t convert to actionable leads before they leave. Figure out what needs to be accomplished to improve your website promotion and how to make it happen. Revisit this game plan every few months, fine-tuning the approach to maximize results. Blog Post Creation &

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Google, Amazon, & Chroma Sites enter the home improvement market

4 Website Launches Meet the Demand of Growing Trade Businesses This past year, Chroma Sites launched a new batch of home improvement websites for some very successful home improvement firms. These companies represent a small, but important, segment of the huge residential home improvement industry. We are proud to feature them in our portfolio. With the likes

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