Creative website layouts are really more of a science

Do you know if you have a responsive website?
Need a unique answer to templates that all look the same, Spend a few minutes watching our design flexibility video.

Chroma Sites offer a unique answer to templates that all look the same, and elite solutions that few can afford.

Chroma Sites is a fast, easy and cost-effective solution, with website customized designs that easily rival the beauty and functionality of our MUCH more expensive competitors. A website is made up of many different elements, and we’ve determined which ones influence visitors the most. Below, we’ve illustrated each major element we think about when designing your website.

The Layout:


Chroma Sites come in a variety of different layouts, each of which can be customized to suit your needs and your brand. Each page within your website has the ability to be displayed full-width, or with an accompanying sidebar.

The Logo & The Header:


When a visitor first lands on your website, their eye will quickly scan your logo to make sure it’s the right place. It’s very important that your business be well represented with a clean, clear and appropriately sized logo so they can be assured you are professional before they move on to your read your offer. Ask about our logo design options if you do not already have a logo.

The Background:


Dramatic visual effect can be achieved through our exciting background options. Chroma Sites offer the ability to use solid colors, tiled backgrounds, and even full-size gradients and photos. We’ll help you find the best background solution to bring your message to the fore.

The Navigation:


Navigation (or nav bar as you’ll hear us call it) is the method by which your visitors around your website and learn about your business offer. It appears on every page and visitors will expect it to work flawlessly, or they will leave, They also expect it to “feel” right when pressed, rolled over and clicked. As such, the navigation needs to be clean, fast and easy-to-use. Chroma Sites can be fitted with a number of elegant menu styles, all which can be customized with millions of color choices.

The Typography & Readability:


One of the most overlooked aspects of a website are the words themselves. Research shows that the most common reason visitors immediately leave (bounce) a website is because they get frustrated trying to read. We, as experienced designers, will strive to provide the proper emphasis to your words by adjusting the fonts, sizes and colors of headlines, subheads, copy, call outs and links.

Chroma Sites creates attractive and engaging websites with great flow. We’re proud to show them off! Check out some already built Chroma Sites in our client website portfolio.