11 Things Every Great Website Design Must Have

Customized Design

A website design strategy should truly be the face of your business.

Unique & Modern Designs

Develop a website design strategy that looks great and perfectly matches your existing brand so that your website will be completely unique and noticeably modern.

Clean & Simple Layouts

It’s a given that everyone prefers a website that’s clean and simple, over one that’s cluttered and complex, but it can be difficult to decide what’s most important to show your visitors.

Decide what are the most important sections of your site and how to promote them the most effectively, leaving the important pages on your site focused and welcoming.

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Mobile Ready

Every mobile visitor expects your website to be easy to read, look great and load quickly.

Responsive Layouts

The latest responsive design techniques will automatically adapt your website to whatever type of device it’s being viewed on. The result is a site the looks fantastic on everything from a phone to an iPad to the biggest desktop monitors.

Crystal Clear Graphics

Most of the new smartphones today have super high-resolution screens that display even the tiniest details of a website. Take full advantage of these screens by using state-of-the-art CSS techniques and high-resolution images.

Intuitive Touch Control

One of the most frustrating things for a mobile visitor is a website that just doesn’t work the way it should. Think about every aspect of our websites from a mobile perspective. Slideshows slide, with the flick of a finger, navigation is compact and easy to use… everything should just work!

Custom Mobile Detailing

Every website we build looks great on every device the day we launch. However, for those that need a more fine-tuned mobile presence, determine what’s most important to smartphone visitors, and how to make that more prominent and/or designed specifically to be viewed on the go.

Thoughtful Usability

Great Design is in the Details.
Thoughtfully Designed Websites

Smooth & Stunning Navigation

Navigation is the most important element of a website. Truly great website navigation is super-quick, simple to use, brilliantly styled, easy to find when it’s needed and out of the way when it’s not… and they need to be all of that on desktop, tablets and phones. It’s a lot to ask, but a fully customizable nav menu should do that and more. Tailor your website’s navigation, to match your brand to meet the needs of your visitors.

Photos & Graphics

Simply stated, a website without great visuals… is a boring website.

Photos and graphics help to convey and improve the message on a website. If you can’t do a professional photo shoot, find a good stock photo house and pick the best ones to make your site truly stand out from the rest.

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