Have a holly jolly website, even when you’re gone

Here’s a question:
Why don’t websites get invited to holiday parties? 

Because they always ask if you want more cookies!

As you celebrate the season, try not to imagine a world where websites don festive attire, and mingle awkwardly after crashing the holiday party. Instead, you should be the one enjoying festive food, time with family and friends, laughing, reminiscing and giving. For those that need a break, the holidays should be a time when you can spend some quality time away from your business — so you can come back to work refreshed, with new ideas and a renewed energy. Hang on to all that holiday joy and find a way to use it throughout 2024. 

That said, we know many small businesses get anxious about leaving their business for any length of time. Missing out on potential sales, customers not being able to reach you, and the ever-present possibility of a technical issue popping up and no one being around to fix it (or even notice).

Now most of that, we really can’t help with . . . but we can help protect your website when you’re out of the office. Our ChromaCare website management service helps protect your website, keeping it healthy and strong 365 days a year — it doesn’t really like holiday parties.

AI powered tools like automated off-site backups, security updates, malware scanning, and uptime monitoring, can give you peace of mind that your website is doing it’s job, even when you’re not.

We take our clients’ businesses as seriously as they do. And while we don’t know exactly how a business exudes joy, we know it has something to do with how it’s owners feel. We hope all of you have a joyful and stress-free holiday season and beyond. If you find yourself worrying about your website, whether it’s during the holidays or not, let us know and we’ll get you set up with ChromaCare ASAP (see everything that’s included here). You won’t have to worry anymore — at least not about your website.

Ok, one more question:
Why do websites take time off for the holidays?

Because they need to refresh too.

Ok, that’s our time. You’ve been great!

Happy Holidays from Chroma Sites!