6 Spooky Stats for Small Business Websites

Every so often, we like to take a look at our industry to see what’s going on. In honor of Halloween, here are a few scary statistics that are hellishly haunting.

1. More than half of all small businesses do not have a website.

Granted, there are a select few businesses that can probably get by with a simple presence on Facebook or Google+. It’s truly baffling though, how many companies do not recognize the massive market they’re missing without an actual website. If you’re among those naive souls, it’s time to take some action… and it’s probably less expensive than you think

2. 70% of small business websites have no call-to-action.

Ten years ago, websites were designed to be online brochures; informational, one-way pamphlets, used to tell people what you did. Today, they are so much more than that. Every square inch of a website needs to be designed with the sole intention of converting or interacting with your visitors. Calls-to-action are the driver that get people to do just that.

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3. 27% of small business websites do not provide a phone number.

A huge percentage of your potential customers still prefer to pick up a phone and talk to someone. If you accept phone calls, your phone number has to be on your website. If it’s not… rest assured that your competitors will accept your could-have-been sales.

4. 56% of small businesses have no clue which of their marketing efforts are working.

You probably know how much you made last month, and you might know how much you spent on marketing, but more than half of you haven’t tied those two together. Marketing budgets make up a big chunk of small business expenses and it’s crazy to think that most of ’em have no idea if all that money is even worth it.

5. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those who don’t.

We’ve been preaching blogging for a very long time. Industry news, company events, fun editorials… blogs take many forms and are powerful tools. Internet marketing has been and always will be based around great, original content, and there’s no better way to publish than with a blog. If you’ve still got doubts about whether you have the time, know what to blog about, or whatever… consider how many leads you’re missing out on.

6. Google+ receives more monthly visits than Facebook.

For those of you that use social media to actively promote your business and engage your customers, my bet is that most of you don’t regularly do so through Google+. If I’m right, today’s the day to start. Google+ receives 1.2 billion visits per month compared to Facebook’s 809 million.

If your company made this list… don’t go having nightmares—these are all very fixable problems. Give us a call and we can help you find the best course of action and a solution that’s right for you.

Happy Halloween!

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