How do you know if you have a responsive website?

Do you know if you have a responsive website?
"Is your website responsive?" It's one of the first questions we ask new customers, and many don't know. So, how do you know if you have a responsive website? This tool shows you!

When we talk to people about how to improve their websites, one of the first questions we ask is whether their website is responsive. Many people say “No, that’s the reason I’m coming to you.”

Sometimes, we’ll ask it and people will say: “I’m not sure, how do I know if I have a responsive website?”

We take them to their website and show them how their website (usually) doesn’t “respond” to different size screens, making it hard to read for visitors on different types of devices. In most cases, you can mimic this functionality by resizing the browser right on your computer. If it’s not responsive, you can see that the website doesn’t restructure itself, and usually results in the right side of the website being hidden, hanging out past the right edge of the window.

It’s something that’s really easy to determine… if you know what to look for…

It got us to thinking, there’s got to be a way for people to quickly see whether they have a responsive website, and what it means for their visitors. So naturally, we took to Google to find out…

What we found was a tool that does just that! It shows you how your website appears on different size devices, from smartphones, to tablets, to laptops and full-size desktop computers.

See for yourself! Test if your website is responsive…