SB Vogel Consulting

Client Quote


Working with Chroma Sites was a delight! Catherine Stone is highly creative and her artistic background enables her to make spot-on design recommendations. Nate Kruska is the technical genius and is totally up to date on how to maximize your website’s effectiveness. I found them both to be astute marketers, each with a unique perspective that helped me hone my message. I highly recommend this dynamic duo!

Susan B. Vogel
Westport, CT

About the Project

SB Vogel is a business consulting firm that came to us for strategy and design vision to attract new business clients. Not only was it okay to ask for help — it was smart! “The most successful people have outside eyes looking at their business, pointing out the things they just can’t see. The really smart ones think proactively and get themselves, and their business, ready for what’s coming next.” This is a quote from the SB Vogel website and they took their own advice. We think you will agree the outcome of this website is stunning and spot-on.