MHP Investors

Client Quote


I had a website built through a VA I found, they did a descent job with the initial build but communication was an issue as well any ongoing support. They didn’t really understand how to make it shine and how to fix the massive speed issues we had. Nate completely rebuilt our site, made it better and much faster and fixed all the issues and polished it up to make it awesome. I’d highly recommend Chroma Sites to anyone looking for any professional website help, they have been fast and very good!

Chad Freeman

About the Project

MHP investors is a mobile home park investment fund. They bring investors together to invest in mobile home parks that are in less than ideal shape. They turn over the management, clean the place up, clean up the business plan, and make it a much more attractive place to live so they can return on their investors’ investments. They came to us with a self-built website that did not say much about what they did, and was not user friendly. We provided them with a website that showcased each one of their properties and gave visitors resources to understand more about how the investment process works and gave them ideas about why they would want to invest.