Leifer Properties

Client Quote


We were looking for a local Westport group to work with. Chroma Sites fit all of our needs. When feedback, communication and modifications were needed all were made very quickly and accurately. They gave us peace of mind and were a pleasure to deal with.

Roger Leifer
Westport, CT

About the Project

Leifer Properties and Roger Leifer have been buying, developing, renovating and leasing commercial office and retail space in Westport, Connecticut since 1978. They specialize in small office suites, medical offices and small retail spaces. Leifer Properties’ commercial spaces are maintained to very high standards and are constantly updated with sustainable, environmentally conscious technologies.

Leifer came to us when the host of their two-year-old website was going out of business and gave them one week to get their site files… or lose them forever. They liked the way their old website looked, but they wanted a more intuitive way to showcase their properties and lease availabilities. They also wanted a local and trustworthy webmaster (that’s us!) and a website design firm they could reach quickly when they needed help. We built them a responsive website that sorted the properties in a way that made it easier for viewers to see what was actually available at the moment… a constantly changing set of properties. After launch we trained their staff to use the WordPress content management system to upload new properties and availabilities, along with their floorplans and photographs.