Edna Adan Hospital Foundation

Client Quote


Chroma Sites was able to showcase our organization in a highly professional manner. Our webpage is now clean, modern and absolutely beautiful. Thank you so much for your expertise, friendly service and taking our website to the next level. We were also very impressed that you were able to tackle some of our problems and provide sound solutions. I highly recommend Chroma Sites web design and their various technical services.

Rukia Dahir
Chairman of the Board
Washington, D.C.

About the Project

This well known nonprofit organization based out of Washington, DC. supports the training of midwives in Somaliland and directly helps save the lives of thousands of women and their newborn infants. Their sole mission is to give the women of Somaliland the opportunity for healthy pregnancies and safe childbirths, and to provide all infants with the healthy start they deserve. Edna Adan, the founder of EAHF, was recently named one of the hundred most influential women in Africa’s history.

For this nonprofit, the need for a great website was simple… Demonstrate the problem they are trying to solve, explain their solution and solicit help from their visitors. Fortunately for us, they knew exactly how to do all three. We helped them lay out a compelling story for visitors, built-in a custom volunteer form, and set up an easy-to-use, e-commerce donation system to aid in their fundraising efforts. We’re proud to help the Edna Adan Hospital Foundation broadcast their message and move a bit closer toward their goal.