C&O Move Management

Client Quote


Thank you guys so much and I absolutely love the website it’s been a very good look for my business.

Norwalk, CT

About the Project

Sprung from a well established moving company, this new subsidiary of C&O Helpers goes well beyond transporting boxes from one place to another. For those who don’t have time to plan and prepare for a major move, this move management company helps with all of those services that other moving companies can’t provide. Quite literally a full service operation, C&O will analyze every aspect of your belongings, where they need to end up and every minute detail in between.

Some of the unique services they offer are complete sorting, organizing and packing of your stuff before the big move. They will handle all of the hiring, logistics and supervision of fragile items and moving personnel. They will unpack and resettle all of your possessions exactly the way you want them and will even draw up a floor plan design of your new home, complete with a detailed inventory. They’ll even get donate or dispose of anything you no longer need.

The website primarily needed to differentiate C&O Move Management from the dozens of other moving companies in the area. Craig, the hands-on and energetic owner was obviously the major selling point, but more important was his vast experience and his dedication to customer service. The website needed to convey all of the services that the other guys don’t provide in a way that also shows how much work is actually involved in transitioning from one home to another.