Bethel Woods Townhomes

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Bethel, CT

About the Project

Bethel Woods Townhomes, a residential townhome community in Bethel, CT, offers its homeowners very comfortable living areas on a very generous, well landscaped outdoor property. This neighborhood offers all the benefits of a homeowners association, while keeping privacy and living-space a top priority. They are very focused on selling to families and seniors who enjoy country living and historic culture.

This website was the second website we built for Bethel Woods Townhomes. The first website was developed before they had even begun home construction, but as they moved into the selling phase, they began to better understand their target buyers. It was at this point that they asked us to build them a website that would appeal to the demographic most likely to purchase one of their townhomes. The result is an easy-to-navigate, mobile-friendly site that visually showcases the community and its homes.