Alternative Messaging Services & Solutions

Client Quote


We have been working with Chroma Sites for about 6 years. They have built two beautiful websites for us and we also hired them this past year to work with us for blogs and SEO, and to provide input on promotional programs and items.

Working with ChromaSites is a breath of fresh air in IT. They love their work, and care about quality and polish. They are also very professional to work with, and they seem to get better and better every year.

If you want a polished and special website that reflects your business, uniqueness, and your hard work, we strongly recommend getting on their schedule!

Milford, CT

About the Project

Alternative Messaging Services & Solutions is a company that provides email migrations for larger businesses, government agencies and educational institutions. The services they provide are crucial, but aren’t all that interesting to potential customers. Our job was to help them convey the benefits of a highly technical, complex service in a way that’s engaging and informative. We took a lot of time to help them reformat their messaging to resonate better with non-techies, incorporating a variety of colorful graphics, photography and animation to make a tricky topic interesting and compelling.